Annual performances by the choir include the official Anzac Day Service in Langley Park, an uplifting recital to celebrate Spring Season in September and two Black Tie events in the Perth Concert Hall: “Best of the British” and the New Years Eve “Vienna Pops” concerts. In 2007 we made an additional appearance in the January “Oz Concert” held in the Supreme Court Gardens and in december hosted a special Christmas Concert in the Perth Concert Hall. In 2008 we were invited to Germany for two weeks, where we made ground breaking progress in The New I Voci Singers history.

Enroll Your Children in Kids Jiu Jitsu Melbourne

Enroll Your Children in Kids Jiu Jitsu Melbourne

Parents today want to protect their children as much as possible. Kids Jiu Jitsu Melbourne offers age-appropriate self-defense training for children who can benefit from personal security training. This and other reasons make Kids Jiu Jitsu Melbourne at Academy jiu jitsu Melbourne a great choice of after-school or summer classes for your children.


Learning how to protect oneself from bullies or kidnappers is an important skill every child should know nowadays. Learning Jiu Jitsu is a great way to help protect your children. 

Social conditioning.

Enrolling in a class like Kids Jiu Jitsu Melbourne lets your children meet other kids and develop social skills. They can also learn classic self-defense moves that include respect for others. 

Physical training.

Exercise and conditioning play an important role at Kids Jiu Jitsu Melbourne. Physical activity helps to improve children’s cardiovascular health and facilitates further active sports for school or community teams.